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Meet the Luxe Collection

You deserve luxury and there’s no doubt about it. This year has been tough for many of us - emotionally, mentally and physically. Despite the challenges you've faced, you’ve continued to persevere. Now, it’s time to treat yourself and take care of YOU. Why? Because you’re worth it. 

That's exactly why we created our latest collection. Meet Embee Boutique’s Luxe Collection - a selection of handpicked luxury garments made for women who deserve the finer things in life. Many women think luxury items are unobtainable for themselves and that simply should not be the case. Indulging in luxury brings feelings of comfort, joy and extravagance - feelings that every woman deserves to experience. 

So, what’s so luxurious about this collection? Each featured garment has been selected based on its material, stitchwork and wearability. These on-trend, yet timeless pieces feature heavy, durable textiles that will make long-lasting staples in your wardrobe. These figure-shaping fabrics go beyond just making you look good - these items will have you feeling good while wearing them. 

Being stuck in the house wearing an old t-shirt and sweats 24/7 can really cause you to lose your sense of self. So, our mission is to make every woman who wears our Luxe Collection look and feel their most confident. So that whether you're stepping out of the house for the first time in a week, or heading to a social-distanced gathering, you feel like the best version of yourself.

Take a look at what we’ve handpicked for you:

So Luxe Tracksuit

This is not your average tracksuit! Our feature Luxe Collection must-have set is everything you could ask for. Its buttery-soft, luxury feel will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. This set, available in black and cabernet, features a tie-waist, zip-up jacket that can be worn at a regular length or cropped, and high-waist, flare pants that are longer in length.

Although simple, this set really doesn't need any help to make a full look. This is what we like to call a casual slay.

She’s Cold Set

Stay warm but look cold in this luxury knitted set. This beautiful heather grey set features high-waisted jogger pants and a mock-neck sweater top with a tie waist. Although lightweight, this cozy and comfortable material is sure to keep you warm all season long. The top can be worn at a regular length or cropped - your choice!

This set serves as a great foundation for any look. Paired here with booties, you could simply throw on a leather jacket for a complete look, or dress this set down with a cute pair of sneakers and a longline jacket.

Lady Like Set

This darling camel brown set features thick knitted fabric that screams comfort and luxury. Its sweetheart top and cut-out elbow design paired with its wide-leg pants offers a unique, yet simple and sophisticated look. Switch it up and rock this top with a pair of jeans!

Stay tuned for more Luxe Collection features coming soon.

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